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  • Simple and quick construction.
  • Highly detailed.
  • Hidden tab and slot construction.
  • Press-in acrylic carriage windows for a clean finish after painting.
  • Wheels, axle boxes and stainless steel axles included (except Gauge One).
  • Flat packed for ease of posting.

Welcome to the SIXTEEN MILLS collection of laser designs for 16mm scale narrow gauge and 10mm scale Gauge One models.
Some 10mm kits are being developed for 7mm and Gauge 3

The 16mm range generally allows for 32 or 45mm gauges to be selected during construction of rolling stock.

As these new kits are supplied tabbed to sheets the parts should be carefully removed with a craft knife rather than simply snapping them off. A light touch with a file or sandpaper will remove any sign of the tabs.

PVA white wood glue is recommended as it allows positioning and still sets quickly. 

Seal all surfaces when finished with a proprietary MDF sealer such as 'Rustins'. A small tin is very cheap and will treat a great number of wagons. You can roughly paint the sealer on with a fairly coarse brush as it dries flat and invisible and doesn't roughen the smooth MDF as diluted PVA does. 

I paint with acrylic car primer before any colour coat. I don't like gloss finished as they can be a little toy -like and is liable to loose much of my hard work producing the surface engraving. A gloss finish viewed from a distance looses its gloss, so I suggest you paint your models matt or satin finish at the most as seen here.

Sixteen Mills is delighted to announce that bespoke Endon Valley Custom Decals will be included with the 16mm scale carriage kits. Find them on Facebook.


Sample 16mm scale wagons

West Clare Railway wagons with IOM locomotive

1875 Spooner designed sheep wagon and cattle wagon
Ffestiniog & Blaenau Railway coaches
Sample 10mm scale wagons