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16mm scale:

Rolling stock kits are designed to enable assembly to 32 or 45mm gauges unless otherwise stated.

(Note: All photos are of prototype kits and may vary slightly from the production kits)

'Spooner' range.

These have been based on two old Boston Lodge drawings of 1875 and carry the 'family' look especially with the curved buffer beams and curved under floor cross members.

Kits include glass filled nylon wheels and axleboxes and stainless steel axles. (3 in 1 oil is recommended).

SM001  Open Sheep truck (photo of prototype)
SM002  Roofed Sheep truck.  Includes plywood roof. (Photo of prototype with different axle boxes)
SM003  Cattle truck. Includes interior framing details.
SM004 Open truck. This kit can be built as a Straight End Open, an Arc End Open or even a Flat truck. It just takes a little trimming with a razor saw and a touch with a file (avoid inhaling any dust).
SM005 The 'Serpent' Brake Van. Designed in the spirit of the1875  FR Spooner period and even includes a pair of brass portholes for the Brakeman to view the track and train from his bench in the small cabin.
SM006 Closed Van. Another simple kit to build that carried lots of detail.
SM007 Ffestiniog Railway Bolster Truck.
SM008 High Planked Open (developed from SM002). A very useful general purpose goods truck.
SM011 Oil Drum Truck. Designed to take Trenarren Oil Drums.

Festiniog & Blaenau carriages:

These three carriage designs have been developed from a drawing of the 3rd class carriage. There are few known photos to work from, but the 1st/2nd carriage was developed next.  After a lengthy discussions the Brake/3rd was developed from very feint photographic evidence of a different rear carriage. It appears to also have an offset roof mounted lamp in the brake compartment, possibly to avoid it being struck by the guard's head while winding down the brake handle?

L-R:    Third Class,   First/Second Class,   Brake/Third Class
Third Class

First/Second Class

Brake/Third Class
Freelance "Spooner type" Private Carriages.
There is an open carriage that can be an Inspectors, Engineers, Family, Picnic party or whatever you wish to use it for?
The other is a fine two compartment carriage for Ladies and Gentlemen to enable the ladies to be happily together while the gents to smoke and joke in the other compartment.

SM009 Two Compartment Private carriage.
SM010 Open Saloon Carriage.