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10mm scale. Gauge One.

This range of laser cut kits was developed for my own personal use, but are available in small numbers.

Kits have laser cut bodies, axleguards, (brakes and couplings in some kits) and Binnie wheels and axles except where stated.

Under development:-

North British Railway 'Kipps' Incline Brake Van (early form)

Above. A small selection of Gauge One kits.
Left - Right:
West Cornwall Railway 4 Ton Mineral wahon.
Hereford Hay & Brecon Railway open cattle wagon.
1850 L&NWR Cattle Van.
1895 LYR Cattle Van.
Mid Wales Railway Brake Van.

TM001 Mid Wales Railway Brake Van.  (grey acrylic car primer and dry brush weathering)
TM002 Hereford Hay & Brecon Railway Cattle Truck. Based on a sketch by the late M. Lloyd.  (grey acrylic car primer and very light dry brush weathering)
TM003 West Cornwall 4 Ton Mineral Wagon. Probably the smallest and simplest standard gauge wagon available?
The kit includes two additional sets of side and end planks for those who wish to double the capacity.

TM004 NER Chaldron Wagon.  Typical of the style in use from the earliest North East of England and Scottish horse drawn Chaldrons through to the last built around 1956. This kit requies the use of one special assembly jig included with the first kit.

TM004-A Converter Wagon. Based on the TM003, but with the additional Chaldron Wagon chassis, to permit coupling up of Chaldron TM004 and small 2 plank trucks TM014-S to standard buffered wagons and locos.
TM005 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway 13'-6" Cattle Van. c1890's. (buffers required)
TM008 Great Central Railway 5 Ton Fish Van (requires Slaters 3'-7" Mansell wheels S9118 and buffers)
TM010 L&NWR Cattle Van c1850's. (buffers required)
TM011 L&NWR Double Deck Sheep Wagon c1850's. (buffers required). The main body comprises just nine tab and slot components.
The two levels may be divided into up to eight comparments using the six tab & slot dividers provided.
TM012 L&NWR Henson Brake Van c1850. Includes laser cut axleguards and brake gear (requires handrails).
TM014  2 Plank truck. Based on the TM004 Chaldron Chassis, but with a 2 plank body.
TM015  LBSC 6 Ton Ballast Wagon. Used later by the SR.
TM016   LBSC 4 Ton Ballast Wagon. (supplied without text and number)
TM017 and TM018.  Industrial/Contractor's End and side tipping wagons. 
These wagons will have working tipping bodies and hinged doors. (7mm scale wagons shown)
TM017 End Tipper
TM018 Side Tipper.

Under Development.
TN006 NBR Kipps Incline Brake Van.

Caledonian Railway 6Ton Fish Van